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Over Saskia Bussink

"Ik help vrouwen met het creëren van hun mooiste aanbod voor hun leukste klanten"

Mijn missie

Ik vind het geweldig als jij straalt. Dat je dat doet waar je ten diepste blij van wordt. Als je de wereld echt iets kunt bieden waar jouw klanten blij van worden. Dat is toch een win-win?

Bovendien is het zo fijn als je daar goed voor worden betaald. Dat je een fijne winst behaald waarmee je niet alleen je vaste lasten kunt betalen, maar nog veel mee dan dat. Hoe lijkt het je om ruimer te leven en te kunnen investeren in jezelf en in de groei van je bedrijf?

Heb je nog oude overtuigingen waarom dat niet oké zou zijn? Kijk dan of je geïnspireerd raakt door wat ik je te bieden heb. Gratis en betaald :-)

Hoe kan ik je helpen?

Werk met mij 1 op 1

Take that next step in creating your wealth

Creëer financiële vrijheid

A step by step approach of creating wealth.

Investeer in vastgoed

Learn from an experienced investor

Wat zeggen mijn klanten?

When I do 10 different things at the same time and the workflow is hard to find, then you have to be with Saskia! Where you expect a ready-made trick by all business coaches who profile themselves online with their success story, Saskia her sessions are refreshing and inspiring. She really looks at how you are, and why you became an entrepreneur. What makes you do your work with passion and together with you she goes in search of the true story of your company. Everyone has certain ambitions and because she goes into that deeper layer you can start building from there. And the good part is that you will get more focus. No searching for answers anymore but really having a plan that works. I have always been working in my own business, but now I have finally learned what it means to be an entrepreneur! Thank you Saskia.

Laura Vellinga -

Two weeks ago I joined a webinar from Saskia for the first time. For me it is important that you feel the energy of the other person online and have a click. After the second webinar, I had an online appointment with Saskia to talk about my business. How educational was that! I can still develop myself more in my business and the use of social media to get the maximum out of it. Full of inspiration and more power than before I am working out Saskia her advices and I will give my business a new boost. Saskia advised me very well and taught me to look at things in a different way. Thank you!

Pauline de Boer -

Hi Saskia,

Today I was at an exhibition of Starting Smart Together with my company. I often think of your statement: Do it. Do not wait, but do it. So your coaching is still working. ; ) I have also recommended you to a visitor today!. He turned out to be an entrepreneur, who lost the focus a bit. So with me you do have an ambassador. Saskia, keep me informed of your plans. I would be happy to recommend you more often. Greetings Maya.

Maya Koerts -

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