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With a lot of Attention, with the Results you are looking for. I'll help you to Create the Wealth you deserve in your Life.

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Are you Living your Life with the Wealth you Deserve?

With knowing your Purpose, your Mission and your Vision, you are able to make that Strategy for a life with Wealth: with Abundance!

Every woman deserves to live her life full with abundance. To not only be financially rich, but in a good health, nice relationships and working according your life purpose.

People know me from being a Business Coach for a decade and working as a Professional Property Investor in the United Kingdom. There I am happy with my cashflowing properties in Scotland and in the north of England.

I like to teach other people to wisely invest their money in property as well. Join me in this journey!

How can I help you?

✔ My approach is direct and warm;

✔ I cannot work with everybody. I am loyal to myself, open-minded and I like my freedom a lot.

✔ I believe in using my intuition, your mind, your body and your soul in everything we do.

✔ If you work with me, it is not only about your business or about investing. We also talk about your personal growth as well.

✔ I don't wait, I take action. Business ideas you don't execute, will dissapear. I''ll help you to take action and I hold you accountable for your success.

✔ To be succesful with your business means to be strong in strategy, technology and to execute as well.

✔ I don't only help you getting the big picture of your business issues or your investments, I'll help you with the details as well.

✔ An entrepreneur who is able to be visable, is a succesful one. I'll teach you how to be more visible.

✔ This is not about me. It's about you. I'll help you to be more succesful than ever and to do what you love. Your success is my success!

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What my clients say

Personal approach.

I was very impressed about the way Saskia tuned in in the situation and in me. Not one moment I got the feeling that she works from a prefab thinking model. She continuously worked closely with me and she switches without effort between a clear business conversation and a very personal approach. In any area I could feel her expertise. Very special, and for me unique to experience this combination.

Rudolf - Gitar Shop in Amsterdam

Got that push to keep me moving forward.

I have noticed Saskia as a close and experienced coach, working together in a positive way, to inform me and to help me. She also helped me to become more visable and gave me that extra 'push' to act instead of keeping to think about my ideas and plans.

Wilma - Yoga Teacher

Got help with taking action now.

I met Saskia through Skype and we connected. We shared our ideas about doing business and investing. She dived deeper into my not doing the actions needed. I created that e-book finally and I am very happy with it. I can reach and serve my target audience better than before. Always work more ON your business instead of IN your business :-) Thanks a lot!

Rudy - Social Media Doctor

I became financially stable.

When I came to Saskia, I wanted to be financially stable, because my income was very unstable at that time. It is a difficult thing, talking to someone about your financial situation, because it is a taboo subject for me. However, Saskia inspired me to talk about money anyway. She has a way to build trust and that has everything to do with her coaching.

Saskia listens first, asks questions that make you think about your answers and then tries to find a solution that is fitting to your needs. She doesn’t offer a ready-made solution, Saskia really thinks about what you can do in your situation. For instance, I was rambling about Facebook ads. Her response: “Aren’t you thinking three steps too far? Let’s start from the beginning!”

As a result of her coaching, I feel a lot stronger and more focussed. She really helped me on my way to financial freedom!

Martha Pelkman -

Ways to work with me


VIP-4 months



Or 4 installments of 825 - Plus VAT

All the steps of my 

Creating Wealth Framework. With a lot of Space for

Action & Reflection of your Business and Wealth.


Next Level-6 week


in euro's. Plus VAT

6 weeks special one-on-one program. Let me help you work on achieving your next step in your business and money.


Discovery Session


In euro's. Plus VAT

Discover what you have to do to achieve your desired level of Wealth in your life. With 1 session you'll get a lot of insights & clarity.

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