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Your ideal client is paying you well. Is that true?

Lately, I have talked a lot with people who have heard my story about financial freedom, building your business and creating wealth. I always like to talk about these topics. After my presentation, like the one of last week with female entrepreneurs, sometimes questions raise.

I always wonder why we think someone is our ideal client, even if the client cannot afford our service. Or she says she cannot afford us while she is investing money in a lot of other things. Or even spending the money on other things than our valuable service which will solve a huge problem she deals with.

My assumption as a wealth- and businesscoach is that this is not your ideal client. Definitely not.

In this blog I’ll tell you how I see this. Why we are still attracting those clients. And what you can do to get over the ‘ideal-client-but-not-paying- you-well’ syndrome.

Last week, an insight about working with your ideal client came to me and I like to share it with you.

I discovered something. When I ask an entrepreneur “who is your ideal client?“, in many cases people don’t know exactly. It is often too broad, like ‘all the women above 50’ or ‘all people who want to know more about healthy food’.

But that is not the point. Because finding your ideal client, you can work on that issue and search for answers.

Let us assume that someone knows who her ideal cllient is. For example ‘women in the Netherlands between 40 and 55 who want to build a strong brand so they are more visible’. As a wealthcoach, this makes me happy, of course.

And then she tells me a ‘but’. She had not finished her sentence yet. The issue is ‘but that ideal client of mine often has no money to spend‘.

This is not your ideal client.

My conclusion on this sentence is very simple. This is not your ideal client. Definitely not. Let me tell you why.

First of all, you deserve, and we all deserve, only ideal clients who are able to pay us for our services.

Before going deeper into this point, let me tell you which kind of questions I normally ask.

The first question I always ask when a potential client really wants to work with me, sees the benefits, but also says ‘I cannot spend that amount’, is: “Can you tell me more about that? Is it about not having the money right now or is it something else? Are you able to get the funds ready soon?

When I started as an entrepreneur, in 2007, I did not know who my ideal client was. And I did not realize enough that I also deserve to work with clients who will pay me with no hassles. It took me a long time before I had answers on those questions.

Let’s be aware of 2 important issues here.

  • Once you start realizing that people with a rich mindset tend to use words as “I know that this is a good investment. How can I get that funds ready?”. While people with a poor mindset tend to say things like “I cannot afford it. I like to, but…”. It is your choice to work with people with a poor, or with a rich mindset;
  • If you choose to spend time to people who are not able to pay you, your valuable time cannot go to your real ideal client. Your real ideal client that deserves to work with you. And yes, that is always a choice;
  • That the price that you are asking for what you offer, is, in 99% of the cases not the real issue of why somone thinks she cannot afford it.

So, I have asked this question about who your ideal client is, often. Many entrepreneurs do not always realize enough that they have a money issue in themselves. And here is part of the solution right away.

Last week, I asked the entrepreneur, a photographer the “who is your ideal client?”- question. She was very clear on who she thought was her ideal client.

And my next question was “and how is your business going?” and she said “Not so well. Potential clients often cannot affort what I am offering them”. So we talked further on that issue she experienced.
I asked her “What is the cause of that?” She said “I don’t know, they are struggling with money in themselves, they are just starting up. There are a lot of things they mention. Such they want to have the service for free or they want to make an exchange.”

Exchanging services with eachother is, for example, that you are coaching someone and that person is, in return, providing you of pictures for your marketing purposes. There is nothing wrong with making an exchange in services.
But, be careful. If that exchange is based on the fact that you don’t have a current need, then it probably is a bad idea. Suppose you were planning to do those new pictures in 6 months from now and had chosen to invest in something else now instead of those pictures. In that case, the exchange is probably not a good one. I’ve been there and I have realized that building your business need money flowing in.

Money flows

We all need money as a fuel for our business.

You need money. We all need money. It is the fuel for your business. Simple as that. You need money to pay for your expenses, to grow your business, to invest in yourself, to invest in your business.
So you need money. Although the idea of exchanging all of our services all the time sounds appealing, it is impossible in this world where we still need money to pay for a lot of things.

Let’s go back to the topic of the ideal client.

So this entrepreneur who I was talking to, she told me about her ideal client. My answer was “she is not your ideal client”. While raising her eyebrows, she asked “Why not? I did a lot of thinking and research about it and this is my ideal client”.

You deserve your ideal client to pay you well

“Because, from my point of view, your ideal client is paying you for your services. You deserve that”. She was surprised.

The list of topics she just mentioned about her ideal client, were probably right though. She only had to add one major thing to her ‘ideal client’ list: and that is that your ideal client is paying you well for your services. That part was missing. Sometimes your ideal client looks ideal but it not.

The solution for sharpening the picture of your ideal client.

You have to search for your ideal client better. And yes, she exists. And she is probably closer to you than you might think.

Suppose a next, new person comes to you and is going to ask you “can you do this and this and this for me?” You have ask yourself first: “Is she really my ideal client or not?”

And if she is not, you have to say goodbye. And say something like ‘come back to me once you have find the funds to pay for my service. You are very welcome”.

This approach is a good thing to do and everyone can be comfortable with it. There is one big reason for it: you deserve your ideal client paying you very well.

So.. are you still attracting the people who cannot afford you, and you don’t want to have that anymore? I’ll share the first step of solving this with you.

ideal client

Ideal client: sharpen the picture

1. Go and find something inside you, like that voice that tend to say..

  • “It is okay. For this time, let me help that client.”
  • “At least she can move on then.”
  • “Maybe she can afford me later.”
  • “She can be my ambassador.”
  • “It is a tough time for all of us.”
  • “I can imagine that she cannot pay me now.”
  • “Where she is right now, I was there, too.”

If you recognize some of these sentences and hear yourself say this to others, you are probably suffering from a ‘helper syndrome’. And if you can see what that syndrom is and, more important, where it comes from, then you are able to change it.

There is nothing wrong with helping other people. I like to give to others as well. Especially when you get more and more experienced, you’ll see quicker what the problem of that person is and how you are able to help her.

But.. be very, very careful with this.

That is my suggestion.

I was there too. And the strange thing is, on the long term is does not help you nor your client. You are an example for your client who might think that this is how she can work with her clients, too.

Look inside yourself and give yourself time to do some research.

“What is it in me, that tend to say ‘let me help her, even if she cannot pay me?’

Remember: she is not your ideal client. She could be a friend of yours, she is nice, you really want to help her. Maybe someone else recommended you to her and you think it is hard to refuse her as your client.

And still… she is not your ideal client. She has to go to someone else, or, she can come back to you once she does have the funds available to pay you.

ideal client

You deserve your ideal client.

I always say, when I talk with other people about building your business, financial freedom and building wealth, that time is limited and money is unlimited. Let me tell you more about it from my point of view as wealth- and businesscoach.

Time is limited. Money is unlimited.

Most of us think that time and money are exchangeble. That is often the only model we tend to use. We are all raised this way. In this way of thinking, you give some of your valuable time and get paid. Either by a boss or either by a client. 1 on 1.

97% of the people do have a poor mindset about money, unfortunately. These people have that view of exchanging time for money. It seems 1 on 1 exchangeble. That is not our fault or someone else’s. Most of us are raised this way.  So was I. My father had a job. 40 hours a week, 40 years long. Although he had learned a lot in his jobs and had developed himself through the years, he was in the system of exchanging hours for money.

Besides that, his job was not his passion. He did not hate it but in the evenings and during the weekends he had a lot of hobbies and passions where the time flew. And that had nothing to do with his daily job.

We all have a couple of hours in a day. Besides hours available for work, we also want to sleep, to eat, take care of our families, be in a good health and so on. We want to have a certain balance to stay healthy as well. Most of us don’t work 70-80 hours in a week, unless it feels like a hobby and it does not feel like working. That is another issue. More or less, we all have the same amount of time available. If you are broke, if you are millionaire or a billionaire. We all have roughly the same hours per day in hour agenda. Whatever that amount is, it is always limited.

So. Time is limited and money is flowing all around us. Those are facts. I could pay you for something that I need in my business. With what you earn, you are able to pay someone else to grow your business. That next person in that chain can hire someone else. And so on. And the money is going around all the time.

We think money is limited because of our belief system. The facts are: money is not limited, but our thoughts are.

I’ll share with you the next step in getting rid of things you don’t need anymore.

2. Find the ‘why’ in yourself

The question is: why are you are still attracting those people who are not your ideal client?

Could that be because
a. you cannot say “no”;
b. you want people to like you;
c. you think you are not enough;
d. you don’t want to argue with people;
e. you are telling yourself “If I say no, it is not going to be okay with my business”;
f. you have other thoughts similar to the above ones.

ideal client

Discover the answers.

Discover the answers in yourself. Go and work on that topic. Even look for help with that. I am sure that if you know what thoughts you have and where those come from, you can transform them and act differently from now on. Most of those feelings tend to come from something from your past, you probably know that.

I had the same issue. 10 years ago, I started my business and I did not invest in myself. I thought I had to earn money first, before investing. Trainings and coaching programs I liked to join, I saw them as a cost instead of investing and so be able to earn it back.

So.. go deeper into yourself and find that pattern. Find your answers of the question ‘Why do I attract clients who cannot afford me?’

As soon as you have found that reason, you can change it.

Because I think you deserve 2 things at least:
1. to work with that ideal client who is paying you well.
2. to have an abundant life. A life with more than enough money, in a good health, with fulfilling relationships and a lot of time to live your true purpose.

The real thing about where money comes from.

We seem no to be aware of this important question. Where does money really come from? Most of us say “from my boss” or “from my client”. Yes, in a transactional way. What if we could see that money comes from a source? A source whitin you?

‘Find your inner voice’.

Stephen Covey says in his book ‘the 8 habit. From effectiveness to greatness”. And if you have found your unique inner voice, you will attract money more easy as well.

3. The third part of finding your answers: your inner voice.

Go and find your inner voice. That inner voice can be found when you live your passion from your heart, use your talents, have a clear vision, use discipline on it and listen to your soul.

In that magical spot, everything comes together. People around you can feel that in your energy. It is a vibration that connects. As I said before, if you are listening to your inner voice more, the money will follow.

The point I just mentioned is more about working with a transformation instead of a transaction based view.

ideal client

You deserve your ideal client who pays you well.

Let’s go back to the point of you hearing your potential client say “I cannot afford that”. Sometimes we assume that that is a fact and true.
What if the person wants to do business with you, sees you providing a solution to her problem, but says that she cannot afford you while, on the other hand, you get to know that she chooses to go on holiday 3 times a year?

It is a good to askher  some questions. How to know whether the client cannot pay you?

I have offered my clients a Discovery Session where I can help them immediately to get clarity and insights. Sometimes I also make them an offer.

If you offer your audience a Discovery Session like I do, your attitude towards the client could be “I see that I can help you with this and this and this to achieve… and I am only able to work with you if you are willing to invest in yourself“.

Once that objection of ‘no money’ comes by, it is wise to ask some more questions. Like ‘can you explain more about that?” and “you say you don’t have the money available, does that mean you don’t want to invest in yourself now, or does it mean something else?”

Let her talk! If you do it the right way, she is willing to invest in herself and able to see that your service is the solution she is looking for right now. In that case she has that money available or can make that available in a day or so. Most of the time, when people are really on the point of going forward, they come up with a solution to find the money. If not, there should be at least a doubt from your side and my suggestion is to read the part about a poor mindset again.

Besides this, your ideal client is also willing to start to work with you right away.

Therefore, your ideal client is able to pay you directly, preferably. Let them pay upfront. If that is an issue to overcome, let them pay at least 1/3 of the total amount upfront and make a clear plan for the other installments. Let them pay a higher total amount if they choose to pay in installments. In those cases your risk is lower.

Don’t forget that it is fun to work with your ideal client. They absorb everything you offer them, they are willing to get that transformation and they will be a great ambassador for you and your business. It is also possible that they will stay longer with you. They can grow together with you all the time.

Last year I got to know a business coach. I thought I did not need a business coach because I am one myself 😉 Then I found out that even the most succesful businesscoaches do have their own businesscoaches. Sometimes, someone is just a couple of steps further then you are. And why not to learn from their mistakes while I make enough mistakes myself. In my case, I liked to work more internationally. I knew that this businesscoach could help me with that transformation as well.

So I saw a lot of free material that businesscoach had offered. I still thought I would never invest in one of her programs. Not because I did not like her, I simply did not see the point of hiring her. Then, after listening to more and more free material from her such as podcasts, she came with an offer. What she offered sound realistic and it was exactly what I needed. The price was also affordable. However, right before that decision, I was in a state of not wanting to invest. I was thinking of earning more money first to be able to pay her.

While she offered the attendants that last free webinar during the Christmas holidays, I decided to jump and to do it. Even I thought I had not reserved money to pay her. I knew that the question I had to answer was “How am I getting that money” instead of “I don’t know where to get that money from“. The words we often use are so important for our success!

So I started with her program which has lasted for 12 months. Within 1 month being in her program, I was able to earn the money I invested back and even more because of being clear in my offer, taking action and having my ideal client right in front of me when I was in a network meeting. And yes, my ideal client paid me right away for the service I had offered her.

The last point of this topic is about who you are surrounded with.

4. Surround yourself with likeminded people.

Are you surrounded by people who say to you

  • “You can do it!”
  • “You deserve it”
  • “You are enough””
  • “You do have all the qualities to succeed”
  • “You are so talented”

Or not?

Choose if you still want to surround yourself with people with no money and the negative mindset ‘there is not enough for all of us’. It is not going to help you grow yourself and grow your business. On the contrary. It will pull you back from where you want to be. Don’t underestimate it.

So, be very carefull to choose whom you are surrounded with.

Once in a while, I tend to clean my mailinglist. That is just not for having a clean mailing list itself, but also for the energy I like to surround myself with. If there are people who always want to get free stuff from you, and are constantly asking you questions like “can you help me with this, help me with that”, without being able to pay you for your services, please remove them from your list.

The point is, they are probably never going to pay you. Sometimes we fall back in our old patterns and gave them a kind of opportunity to help them with a small step. From there on, they got you and will ask you more and more.

I am sure that cleaning your mailinglist will help you in getting more connected with your ideal client.

Some people say “your network is your net worth”. I agree with that.

So what is the conclusion of this post?

You are enough. You deserve your ideal client. Your ideal client is paying you well.

Are you feeling stuck with this topic of finding your ideal client? I can help you with it as well.
In that case, start with a Discovery Session and let’s see if I could help you with your transformation to be more succesful in your business.

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